Coaching Team


Jack Henderson Jack Henderson: Jack is our oldest member. He has been paddling for about 20 years, and started for “health reasons”, to build up strength in his arms and chest. Jack’s favourite type of water to paddle on is the North Tyne, as it has some white water and can be quite fast. Although, he does like the sea as the waves are good fun, and on flat water you can practise new skills you have learnt at the pool. His favourite session is at the pool, as he can help others, and pass on his knowledge to them. High Borrans is Jack’s favourite club trip as there is not such a long distance to travel to get to the rivers, and people can choose a group which best suits their ability. Jack says that he loves the club because: “Tynemouth Canoe Club is the friendliest club I have ever been in. Because of this, I feel that I can turn to anyone at any time, to give advice and help them.”
Bob Blakeman: Bob has been paddling for roughly forty years. He first got into canoeing while in the army and was inspired by Steve Jackson in the 1984 Olympics’ sprint finals and Bob Story who competed at Inter-services – Slalom / White water / Sprint & Marathon. He enjoys most types of water, but his favourites are flat rivers, which are good for any novice to start on. He also enjoys the annual trips to Pooley Bridge in May and High Borrans in November. He thinks they are something different and that they are good to socialise and get to know other paddlers. Bob loves the club because everyone is friendly and helpful and without this, the club would not function.  Bob
 Ann B
Ann Brandon: Ann started paddling 17 years ago, as she hit forty and wanted to get fit. She enjoys paddling on rivers and sea, but not so much white water. Ann’s favourite club trips are High Borrans and Pooley Bridge as they are great fun, even if the weather is poor. She loves the club because: “I have learnt a sport which I will hopefully be able to continue until I am old and decrepit! Also I have made some lovely friends over the years, and will continue to do so.”
 Gary Lant Garry Lant: Garry has been paddling for about 26 years. He got into paddling when he was in the Army in Cyprus. He has worked at the Head Quarters of Adventurous Training Centres (Military), both here in the UK, Cyprus, Germany, and Bosnia. Progressing from a young soldier to Chief Instructor. He enjoys all types of water because he really likes to help and coaching other kayakers, canoeists, and sea paddling as well. He enjoys all the trips we run because they are all located in beautiful areas. Whether it is camping in the lake district or our annual High Borrans trip. He loves the club because it is meant for the family, it is very friendly and the best club he’s ever joined.
Laura Burns: Laura has been a part of Tynemouth Canoe Club for five years now, and has experiences on many different types of water. She got into paddling as becoming an outdoor instructor was her dream. Laura does not have a favourite type of water, as she just enjoys being on, in, around, and even under the water! Her favourite club trip is High Borrans, as it allows everyone the chance to paddle at their own ability. There are different groups where people can choose which one to select depending on how hard they want to push themselves. It is also a great social weekend, where everyone where everyone is welcome. Laura said that she loves the club because: “No matter who you are, what level of ability you have, or how much you’re worried about the water, the club and the people in the club (not just the coaches) will welcome you and encourage you to be a happy, confident and able paddler.” Laura
Ronnie Edwards: Ronnie started paddling about 8 years ago but only really became serious in the last 3 years. She got into paddling through the air cadets, but hated it at first. Then suddenly I find myself here with the comment from one of the instructors from cadets who 1st tried to get me to kayak of “I don’t know what happened to you, you refused to get in a kayak then the next thing I see on Facebook is you throwing yourself off a waterfall in a kayak” This is kind of a fitting statement now, I just want to be amazing at it and for everyone else to love kayaking, This is where it all starts! Her favourite type of water is full on white water. She loves the sound of the water that makes your stomach feel sick. The skill of paddling on white water makes her wish she was so much better at kayaking and makes her realise that however good she becomes it will never be good enough because the river is ALWAYS the boss. This gives her the drive to carry on and improve all the time while spending time with amazing people in the outdoors. Ronnie


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