The Committee


The committee is responsible for running the club on behalf of, and is accountable to, the club members. Any current club member can join the committee. If you would be interested in joining in the running of the club in any capacity please contact a committee member directly or mail :

The committee is appointed at the club AGM held each September. The elected representatives for 2018-19 are:

Chairman – Dave Baker

Secretary - Ann Brandon

Secretary – Ann Brandon

Jack Henderson

President – Jack Henderson

Treasurer - John Brownless

Treasurer and Welfare Officer – John Brownless

Treasurer - Andrea Brownless

Treasurer – Andrea Brownless

Gary Lant

Coaching and Safety Officer – Garry Lant

Andrew Noakes

Junior Representative – Andrew Noakes

Equipment Officer – Bob Blakeman

Paddlesport Activity Assistant – Paul Balbirnie

If you have a query/comment/issue you want to raise please contact a committee member directly or mail


The following role descriptions are those advised by British Canoeing that could be carried out by committee. Not all roles are formally assigned to or carried out by one single committee member.

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