High Borrans – Beginner’s Story

Sarah went to High Borrans for the first time in November 2014. She was new to the club and here’s what she had to say:

It seemed like a good idea at the time, or so I told my friends who said I was mental when I told them I was off for a weekend with the canoeing club, to the Lakes, at the end of November! But as it happens, it was a great idea as I had a fantastic time. What a great bunch of people.
I am quite new to the club and only know a few people and not really that well. This was a superb opportunity to spend some quality time together getting to know all my fellow paddlers. Everyone was so welcoming, friendly and they made me feel like I’d always been a member.
High Borrans itself was a lovely place, warm, comfortable, plenty of room and spaces to retreat if you wanted some quiet time. And the food, wow proper school dinners and plenty of it, plus all my favourite childhood puddings. Yummy!
Now the whole point of the weekend was kayaking, as I’m new to this game I was allocated into the novice group along with many other new member’s. We were superbly looked after by all the coaches and I managed to stay upright in my little boat. It was quite enjoyable bobbing about on the rivers and I wasn’t too cold. We paddled a few small rapids, nothing too adventurous, unlike the fearless group of very experienced paddlers who were in the level one group.
A great weekend was had by all, me especially, so much so, I’ve already paid my deposit for the next trip and I am already looking forward to it. Would like to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome and helping me along my kayaking journey. Cheers.

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