Paul – First Timer Story

High Borrans 2017

I joined TCC in April 2017 and looked at the various events planned on the calendar. I had seen the High Borrans trip planned but immediately thought “School dinners and lights out at 10 pm”. As the trip drew nearer I started to hear the buzz at pool sessions from members who were returning after the previous year.  I enquired if there were any places left, and even though it had been fully booked for months, I managed to get a cancellation at the last minute. That was the excuse I needed to buy a boat. Off I went to North East Kayaks and ordered a boat with all the trimmings, the only problem being, it was touch and go whether the boat would be ready in time. As it happened the boat arrived the day before and Ronnie kindly brought it straight to High Borrans for me.

On Friday night when sitting in my new boat drinking beer in the lounge, I had to endure lots of wise cracks about what would be left of it due to the low river levels, but it was all good banter and a good night, maybe a bit too good! On Saturday morning after a late night or should I say early morning, we arrived at the River Lune. I was the classic example of “all the gear no idea”. Luckily, Dave the coach was superb and along with Laura, gave lots of positive encouragement. We also nominated Andrea as the official group Guinea Pig, so she was pushed down the rapids first to see what happened (It’s a dirty job Andrea but someone’s got to do it). At the end of the weekend I had definitely gained some confidence as a novice paddler.

After that weekend I paid my deposit for next year and hopefully I will get plenty of practice in so that I can progress to another group (as long as I can push Andrea down the rapids first). Great laugh, great company and the food was much better than at school. The 10pm curfew might have been a good idea though!


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