The Experienced Paddler’s Story

Well, that’s another High Borrans weekend over. This year we had a number of new members on their first High Borrans weekend and the excitement was building, it’s like a school trip – except it’s the parents leaving the children behind instead of the other way round.

Saturday was particularly cold especially as we had a couple of capsizes for 2 or 3 people but it’s all part and parcel of learning.

High Borrans food was up to its normal high standard, loads of it and just what we needed after a freezing day on the river. In the evening we had a few drinks and then settled down to a fairly hard general knowledge quiz prepared by Craig.

If anyone had asked me on Saturday at 5.30pm if I was looking forward to the next day’s paddle, the answer was no. I was tired, hungry and cold but by 8.30am the next morning I was raring to go after having had a good sleep and a massive breakfast. The weather had improved by a massive 3 degrees so it felt positively tropical, even the sun was shining. Our novices had made a lot of progress the previous day and their skills and confidence meant we could try something a little bit more challenging. We had a couple of swimmers but only because people were pushing themselves harder and making the most of the marvellous coaches expertise. Everyone came back with a smile on their face ready to attack another big plate of food.

And finally, I can’t praise the coaches at High Borrans highly enough, what a fantastic job they do, making sure that all abilities are catered for and everyone gets something positive from the weekend.

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