Pool Sessions

We hold indoor sessions on most Saturdays at Tynemouth Pool. We are in the water from 2:30 – 4:00. Please be aware that as space is limited, our members will be given priority before allocating non-members a space. It’s best to arrive from around 2:00 and speak to one of our team members in the reception area. That should give enough time for you to speak to one of our coaches and to sort out equipment for you, if we have space to accommodate you in the pool. You will just need shorts and a t-shirt, we supply everything else.

Parents of junior members aged 7-12, must be present at the poolside for the duration of the session.

The pool is a warm and safe environment where beginners can pick up the basics and move on to master the skills and techniques they will require when out on real ‘live’ water. We use the small shallow pool for first timers and children until they are confident enough to use the large pool. 

More experienced paddlers practise rescue techniques and perfect their skills.

The pool can be found at beach Road North Shields, NE29 9PX.







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