Novice Sessions

One of Tynemouth Canoe Clubs aims is to get as many people as possible involved in paddling on ‘live’ water. We know that this can seem quite daunting and so we hold novice sessions for people new to the sport on ‘friendly’ water. Once you’ve completed several pool sessions then this is the next step. If you’re not sure just ask one of the coaches if they think it is suitable for you.
One our favourite places for this is the River Wansbeck. We enter the water at the country park and paddle up to the weir. On the way we practise different strokes. If there’s plenty of water you can have a go at paddling over the weir. 

On the way back we might play a couple of team games such as relay or chariot racing. Back at the car park we usually have a picnic.
Non-paddling parents and guardians of junior paddlers can enjoy the river side walk and maybe catch the bug watching the kids . . . . . Enjoy the adventure.

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